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How To Create Smart Links For You Music With Lynkify?

Are you an aspiring music artist or content creator looking to elevate your music sharing experience? Smart links are the game-changing solution you’ve been waiting for! With Lynkify, you can effortlessly create personalized song links that resonate with your audience across various streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and more.

Smart links, also known as dynamic or intelligent links, are versatile URLs that redirect users to different music platforms based on their preferences. Rather than sharing separate links for each platform, smart links consolidate all your music into a single link, making it a breeze for your fans to access your tunes, no matter their preferred streaming service.

1. Visit Lynkify’s Website: Head over to to access Lynkify’s user-friendly platform. You don’t even need to create an account to get started!

Lynkify Landing Page

2. Enter Your Spotify URL Or Song Name: In the search field, enter your Spotify URL or song name. Lynkify’s powerful algorithms will swiftly generate smart links for your music across multiple platforms.

Lynkify Song Search results

3. Explore Your Smart Links: Once generated, your smart links will be displayed, ready for your fans to enjoy your music on their preferred streaming services.

Lynkify song link Page

4. Share Your Music Everywhere: Copy and share your smart link on social media, your website, or any other platform where your fans gather. Now, reaching a broader audience is easier than ever before.

Lynkify share song link

Follow steps to Create Smart Links With Lynkify.

Lynkify: Your Free Alternative To Songwhip And Linkfire

Looking for a cost-effective smart link solution for your music? Lynkify is your ideal free alternative to Songwhip and Linkfire! Empower yourself with a comprehensive music marketing platform designed to elevate your music and reach a broader audience.

Want to take your music promotion to the next level? Lynkify goes above and beyond with custom landing pages! Showcase your music, social media profiles, upcoming events, and more - all in one centralized hub that captivates your fans and fosters a sense of community.

Don’t wait any longer to embrace the power of smart links for your music. Discover Lynkify today and unlock a world of possibilities in music sharing. Join the ever-growing community of artists and music enthusiasts who are reshaping the future of music promotion.

Remember, with Lynkify, you don’t need to be a tech whiz or a marketing guru. Create smart links with ease and focus on what truly matters - sharing your passion for music with the world.